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Caring For Your Retainer

Cleaning Your Retainer

You’re eagerly awaiting the end of this ride – those braces are coming off or your Invisalign® treatment is finally wrapping up! It’s a big day and you might think it’s all over, but a key part of straightening teeth is making sure they don’t shimmy on back to where they once were!

Enter the retainer. This little piece of plastic is a powerful tool in our kit. We’ll ask you to wear it regularly and make it do the work of keeping your teeth aligned in their perfect position.

But how do you care for this new friend of yours? Great question! Here’s some tips to keep your retainer in peak condition.

Keep a schedule to keep your retainer clean

Your brushing likely follows a routine, on wake-up, after eating or just before bed. Your retainer benefits from a schedule too! As soon as you take it out of your mouth, give it a rinse (or a gentle scrub) with lukewarm water to ensure no debris is stuck in it and it will be ready for the next time you use it.

But what tools can I use to clean my retainer?

Power washer, car wash.. And we’re kidding. Toothpaste, cotton swabs, lukewarm water – all effective tools in the fight for a cleaner retainer.

Looking for a little something special?

Ask our doctors if an overnight soak in a cleaner like Polident is a good idea for your retainer. Mix with lukewarm water and leave it soak... when it’s not in your mouth of course. It’s easier that way, trust us!

If your retainer cracks or snaps in half, let us know as soon as you can! Or did your dog get a little over eager with it instead of a chew toy? We’ve seen that before .. many times! Give our office a call and we’ll let you know how you can get your gums on a new one. If you are unsure if it’s been compromised, take a quick picture with your phone and send us an email or a message on Facebook so we can peek and let you know what we think.

Looking after that retainer and using it regularly is going to save your teeth from moving out of alignment. Keep it clean and keep it in regular use, you won’t regret it!

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