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The Uptown staff truly are what make the Uptown experience so unique. We strive to provide a casual, pressure-free environment where patients and families can come and get to know us far beyond our job titles. You'll find from the moment you walk in the door that the Uptown team cares about more than orthodontics, we truly care about the people we serve.


Office Coordinator

Alayna is like a tornado of workaholism and that’s probably an understatement. This entire office would probably implode if she called in sick one day; so if that ever happens, we have a hazmat suit with her name stitched into it so she can still be here. She’s more organized than the alphabet and keeps things straighter than the borders of our province.

You’ll want to tell her a good joke because you’ll swear she was the stunt double for Ms. Doubtfire’s laugh. She’s got the worst-behaved cats, reasonably behaved kids and has a tremendous knack for keeping secrets from everyone because she got engaged and didn’t tell anyone here for weeks. Case in point, it also took us a few years to learn that she knows every lyric to “Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears but that cat’s out of the bag now too.


Communications Coordinator

We plopped Telle front and centre when you walk through our doors and, lucky for all of us, that’s right where she feels most at home! As our Communications Coordinator, she’s happy to help look after all of the details of your day at Uptown, but she also looks after all of the details of our day at Uptown which is equally as important!

Now that we’ve said all that nice stuff, we can tell you all about her contagious laugh and her twisted sense of humour which has been honed on her two teenage kids and her husband of 19 years. She joined our team after spending years working as a lab phlebotomist which probably is something she just made up because clearly that’s not a word. She loves her dog Bailey, fishing at the lake, going for a rip on the quad and the rambunctious sport of curling … because Saskatchewan.


New Patient Coordinator

If you want a good laugh, you talk to Cari. Lucky for you, this regular comedian doubles as our New Patient Coordinator and will be in touch with our new patients to ensure they arrive at Uptown packing all the necessary forms and info needed to make getting started with treatment at Uptown go smoothly!

You’d never know it through her phone conversations, but Cari would probably have also make a solid puppeteer because she spends most of her conversation flailing her hands every which way to Sunday; needless to say, we keep open liquids, breakables, and antique vases far away from her. She’s got a hubby named Chris, a baby named Cami, a dog named Cricket and some sort of obsession with the letter C.


Treatment Coordinator

Jaimie’s fashion sense is as acute as her knowledge of the orthodontic industry. We considered installing a catwalk into her office just for her, but knew that would make her feel really awkward so we just let her spend her days talking to patients about their goals and educating them about treatment options. She knows so much about teeth that she doesn’t even need to see yours, she can sense them when you pull up in your car.

When she’s not at work, she’s hanging out with her husband and their two dogs that are just as cute as her two little dimples. She’s got crafting skills that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money and the most jumbo-sized positive attitude that would even make Ned Flanders jealous.


Treatment Coordinator

Chantelle has been staring at people’s teeth since 1999, but more specifically the way they align since 2006. As a Treatment Coordinator, she’s the Google for all of your questions about braces and aligners when you are looking for options. She’s smart, kind and loves to laugh. On a quiet evening, you can hear her contagious laughter rippling through the entire east side of Saskatoon.

But don’t bother trying to find Chantelle on weekends around the city. She’s at the lake with her 2 sons and her obnoxiously sweet husband Bart, who once slashed her car tires while she was at work and made all the girls here jealous. (He cut out pictures of Slash from Guns N’ Roses and stuck them to her tires to let her know he had bought her tickets. Pure. Cheese.)


Treatment Coordinator

You know those people that you instantly just like and you don’t know how or why? That’s Leanne. Except after you talk with her for 30 seconds you know exactly why… because she is awesome. Her introduction to our team came through us sticking brackets to all of her teeth and we quickly realized her social skills and her attention to detail were exactly what we needed to help other new patients understand our treatment process.

She’s a traveller, having spent years working in Panama before returning to her stomping grounds in Saskatoon and enlightening the locals here with her flashy spanish vocabulary. “¡Qué grupo de profesionales más locos, ¿no?!” (We have no idea what that means.) She’s super organized, loves overly long lists and can manage details better than a duo of wedding planners.


Financial Coordinator

Nicole (aka “Dicky”) started at Uptown in 2016, one full year before she actually slid on a pair on skinny jeans and realized they weren’t that bad! As the Financial Coordinator, you’ll find her buried in numbers and working with patients to figure out simple and easy interest-free payment plans for their treatment, although sadly, she can’t accept your Canadian Tire money.

Beyond Uptown, she’s competed in 7 Ironman Triathlons, has 2 daughters, 1 hot husband and the only thing she’s more committed to than said ‘hot husband’ is abandoning her brought lunch for a noodle bowl from across the street. She coaches kids hockey and on rare occasions, the kids actually listen to her.


Clinician & Records Coordinator

Ah, the Care Bear, Kroptop... and as one person in the office calls her: Little Dipper. Kerry has seen it all and knows what to do in every situation so we just gave her free run of the entire office. She has the littlest legs but they resemble a hummingbird’s wings when she moves through the office, which is exactly how she does the jobs of 4 people at once.

We still haven’t figured out why Kerry and her husband Rich actually own a home because they’re never in it. They’re constantly running their daughters to Ukrainian dance competitions or off to the lake in summer and winter, but we’ve heard that the rare times that they actually are in their home, they really enjoy it and just sit around making perogies for everyone they know.



Teagan was one of those kids that would have had adults hiding in their closets because she had too much energy. Lucky for us, we chose put all that energy to good use in our clinic where she handles about thirteen tasks at once. If you aren’t yet bestowed with a nickname, you will have one by the time you leave her presence.

Teagan is known to spontaneously bust out in a ballad at any point during her waking hours and has invented “Uptown Doodle Wednesday” which clearly involves noodles from the nearby Vietnamese restaurant. She likes sweat suits, drywall, her two Thai dogs, her dandy man named Andy and their daughter Bennie, tiling showers, crocheting, and other things that would have made this list 8 paragraphs long. She’s weird.


Clinician (On maternity leave)

If you come visit Uptown, you’ll notice fairly quickly that Bry’s smile is pretty much the biggest thing about her. As a Clinician, she’s gently taking care of adjustments for each of our patients using her massive CrossFit biceps and if anything needs some slight tweaking, she’s our go to girl! (And, we’re kidding! We don’t ever use force, brute or Jedi, in any of our adjustments!)

Despite Bry’s small and gentle stature, she’s a powerhouse on the ‘good times’ index and can bring enough laughs to a party to power a steam engine. As a mom, she’s fully stocked with snacks at all times for her daughter... and her husband. If you’d see Adam’s ability to grow a moustache, you’d swear that lip duster of his has crushed a finely curated meal plan of carbs, proteins and Arrowroot cookies.



Teralyn joined our team and proudly represents the beautiful land of British Columbia. We’d never heard of it prior to her arrival, but she claims nearly every winter morning how it’s “so much warmer back home.” Unfortunately for her, we know it’s only a matter of time before the cold freezes out the memories from her brain.

She’s a member of our clinical team and, despite our best efforts, she’s nearly impossible to get rattled or stressed out. That’s probably because she is from a farm and worked with animals everyday which makes her perfect for working with our crew. She managed to bring a car load of cats, 2 dogs, 2 fish, a son (who is taller than she is) as well as her husband when she moved here. Oh yeah! She’s from BC! We forgot to mention that!



Quintcée showed up in our office one day and we just didn’t let her leave. We were so impressed with her skills along with her passion for patients that we knighted her as an Uptown Clinician shortly after her arrival. Her farm persona shines through because she’s ready and willing to talk about anything with anyone, so if you’re the quiet type you might want to just brace yourself for a good visit.

She has a head of hair like nobody you’ve ever seen in your life. Trust us. We talk about it daily. It’s so thick it would make a yak jealous. It also frequently smells like ski-doo exhaust because this farm girl knows how to have fun. ATVs, ski-doos, tractor, combines... if it burns gas or diesel, she drives it! Quintcée lives with her farming husband near Radisson and drives to Saskatoon every single day to hang out with us.


Clinician (Casual Employee)

Kalee’s been holding this place together since day 93 to be precise (or 94?). We don’t remember. In any case, her incredible work in the clinic has helped make Uptown what it is today and we all know it. She’s also quite happy to tell us all that little tidbit as well. And more. She’s one of the types to tell you exactly how it is, but trust us, you’ll enjoy every word of it because it’s really entertaining!

She works with us part-time now because she’s also working towards becoming a nurse. That means if you have crooked teeth, a heart condition or need your shots, you’re in really great hands! When Kalee’s not here or managing full-time classes, she’s living life to the fullest and making her husband Michael polish her wedding ring. So fresh. So clean. That’s Kalee.



With her ‘running away from home’ days behind her, Stephanie settled back into her roots here in Saskatchewan packing more than just her luggage. She brought back more than 6 years of experience in a top-notch orthodontic practice in Calgary and an energy and knowledge that should almost be illegal to use in public!

She’s got three kids that she adores… to embarrass in public... and she plays the role of hockey mom to a level where Tim Hortons should actually be sponsoring her. Here’s another fun fact about Stephanie, in true “Saskatchewan” fashion, on her first day of work at Uptown we learned she bought the home that our new patient coordinator’s parents were selling. How’s that for a welcome home?



Being our second Shelby ever was no small task because we really liked our first one! But Shelby #2 came in packing some serious vim, vigor and a fun-loving smile so we’ve forgotten all about the original one. Maybe it was her experience in the dental field before joining our office as a clinician, but Shelby’s ortho skills developed so quickly that we think she has had an ‘insider’ feeding her our secrets prior to her arrival.

You want to know what else she does? Well good! We’re going to tell you! She’s got a boyfriend and a chocolate labrador who both compete for her love (both are currently winning) and she loves to spend time camping and hiking in the great outdoors (indoor camping and hiking would make us question her sanity). Plus, here’s a hot tip for our patients – if you ever see her intensely staring/squinting at your teeth, she’s trying to move them with her mind. She’s got this weird thing about telekinesis.



Roanna has a cool name and, lucky for us, it’s attached to an equally cool person. She started with our team in 2019, but prior to that she’d been holding it down in dental for over a decade making people smile and feel great about themselves. Needless to say, she’s got skills … but she can also tell you about the stuff she’s finding in your teeth in English or Cantonese which makes her pretty much a superhero in our books.

Roanna loves plants. We’re talking ‘loves’ as in she has so many plants she made her own Instagram account for them! She also loves her boyfriend (shout out to Rick), loves her two dogs named Nala and Bodhi, and loves spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors (around plants). But her secret loves include emptying her lint trap and vacuum dust bin because it’s incredibly satisfying for her to know that stuff is no longer in her immaculate house.


Clinical Assistant & Sterilization Coordinator

Halfway through Gloria’s interview, she just wandered off and started organizing our clinic! Ever since that day she hasn’t stopped and we’re worried she doesn’t know how to sit still. She loves to be busy and she assures us that she really can relax, and by ‘relax’ she means sitting on the couch watching the most terrifying movies and shows on Netflix that she can find. Sounds very relaxing.

She’s got over 60 pairs of shoes stored in various locations in Saskatchewan much to the delight of her family storing them. She’s presently engaged after 7 extremely long and incredibly patient years, hey Frank? But she’s not too worried about it all, she’s pretty much planned the entire wedding and only needs him to show up. The only thing she needs to figure out is which pair of shoes she’s going to wear.


Special Projects

This guy was a problem child from day one, at least that’s what his parents told him. (Lovingly of course.) But for a guy who is a problem, he sure knows how to take care of them and come up with solutions. And by 'special projects' we don't mean hacking elections online, we just mean he stays on top of Uptown's use of technology, digital and social platforms as well as he gets stuff done that needs to happen.

Despite having 6 computers at his house, he only recently got a mobile phone which makes it far easier to actually get in touch with him. He’s the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet and he spends his free time both on the internet as well as making it. If you’ve lived in Saskatchewan for more than 10 minutes, you’ll have seen some of his work somewhere.