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Your Virtual Consult

In search of a straighter smile? A healthier bite?

Getting started with Uptown is as simple as sending us a few selfies!

Our doctors and our team of supporting specialists are ready to provide insight into professional treatment for yourself or your kids, all from the comfort of your own home.

Follow these 5 simple steps prior to your virtual consultation and we’ll be in great shape to provide advice on a suitable treatment solution:

1. Snap a few selfies of your smile, teeth, and bite

With nice bright lighting, snap photos of your teeth using our tutorial video below. You might need help from a friend or family member, but do the best you can if you are by yourself. (All we ask is that you be sure you are biting together normally and firmly on your back teeth for the 3 biting photographs.) These photos are just to help us get you started; we will take better photos in our clinic after a successful virtual consultation.

2. Send your photos to

There's no need to feel self conscious about the state of your current teeth! We’re a non-judgemental bunch and are just looking to help everyone we can to find a healthier, more confident smile.

3. Watch your email

We will work with you over email to schedule a virtual consultation using an online video conferencing application. Prior to the agreed upon date and time, we'll email a link for your private and confidential visit with your doctor. Simply make sure you have a device or computer with a camera and microphone, a good internet connection, and have identified a nice bright and comfortable spot in your home to have a video chat. That's all we ask!

4. Prepare us to best help you
  • Complete the new patient form sent by email.
  • Fully investigate any insurance you may have and/or any government support programs to which you may be entitled; pass any such information our way in advance of your virtual consultation if possible.
  • 5. Join us when scheduled (at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment)

    Simply click the unique link provided by email to gain access to a live video conference with your doctor. (You’ll have to download and install a simple app first, but that part is usually quite easy if you follow the prompts provided.)

    We ask that the patient be present for the entirety of the virtual visit; we also recommend that all potential decision-makers attend to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the important discussion. If your cat or dog decides to make a brief appearance, we won't mind!

    Our initial consultation typically lasts 30-40 minutes and you’ll have plenty of time to ask all the questions that you’d like while your doctor covers the treatment options recommended for your unique situation.

    We look forward to virtually meeting you!

    Have your selfies ready?

    Let's get started!

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