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New or Replacement Retainers
& Relapsing Teeth

Retainers are a pivotal part of ensuring every aligned smile lasts a lifetime. Wearing retainers consistently for set periods of time (often at night) help hold the teeth to the positioning that was achieved through orthodontic treatment.

Uptown produces custom fit retainers in-house for our patients and also for non-patients who may require a replacement due to cracking, misplacement or a curious dog. (We know it happens!)

We offer high quality retainers, inlcuding Vivera retainers, which are a retainer based off an iTero scan and 3D printed from a durable clear material.

Teeth may begin to relapse and move back out of aligment if a retainer is not consistently used. Relapsing teeth can often be corrected using minimal orthodontic treatment and a series of aligners.

For retainers in Saskatoon, Uptown’s quality care and orthodontic specialists can help keep you in line.